Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Bonnie was an angel in the pageant at church this year. She was singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain"

 Bonnie and Aidan with some special friends at the parade

 Bonnie and Lucy at Granny's birthday dinner. Within two months after this picture, Granny and Pappaw's grandkid count doubled!

 Making gingerbread cookies

 Christmas Eve with cousins at Nana's

 Bonnie took her nativity set and turned it into the Wedding at Caana. She coupled up everyone!

 Decorating those gingerbread cookies!

 English Tea at church

 Santa picture

 Bonnie's school performance
"Up on the Housetop" was her class's number.

 Santa visited her school!

 Carriage ride at Dickens of a Christmas

 With friends Ansley and Will before the gift exchange. She didn't actually get to go because she had croup and a blister on her eardrum.

 Christmas pageant

 Pouring milk for Santa

 Christmas morning bike ride

 Lucy came to visit after Christmas. Here the girls are having hot chocolate after riding their bikes!

Silly cousins having fun!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Sorry I skipped Halloween! This year, Bonnie decided she wanted to be batgirl, or I guess I should say that Bonnie and Aidan decided that she should be batgirl. She had no idea who batgirl was. Well, I thought I was going to have to make a costume because she was determined to be batgirl. However, it turned out that Party City makes a PINK batgirl costume. Perfect for Bonnie!
 Sam, Bonnie, and Aidan on Halloween

 Running from house to house!

 Costume parade at Ballet class!

Bonnie's class on Halloween. The little guy who is an astronaut announced, "Bonnie is the only one who can go faster than my rocket...because she is batgirl!!!" 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 Bonnie and Lucy asleep on their pallet at Pap's

 Pullen Park Carousel

 A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, some Carolina cousins came to Nashville! John Ross bought Bonnie some cotton candy, and Mommy only let her eat half of it. Mean Mommy!

 Meadow Lights Train!

 Hayride full of cousins!

 Daddy joining in the annual Clay Shoot

 Bonnie getting ready to kick at the kickball game-notice how much we have progressed. Leonard even brought the equipment to make the lines:)

 Worn out and sleeping with Granny after a full day

Our fantastic traveller at the airport

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Favorite Fall Weekend

The weekend before Halloween some of my favorite things happened all in one weekend: good friends coming to visit, getting to love on a baby, a good festival, and a house full of people. The Bettises came to visit from Indiana and brought precious Ruby to meet us. Love is all I can say! We went to Pumpkinfest, had friends over for the UT game on Saturday, Gentry Farms on Sunday, and then had a bunch of friends over to carve pumpkins on Sunday. I wish every weekend was just like it!

 Bonnie and Ruby! Melts my heart!


 Bonnie couldn't  wait to hold Ruby.

 Conlee and Ruby were born just one day apart:)

 Will, Ansley, and Bonnie on the tire swing at Gentry's Farm

 Sweet Friends


 Look this way, guys!

 Pumpkin Carve finished products
The dads were hard at work.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little Vol Walk and Homecoming

We had a fun weekend in November with the girls. Because Bonnie's mom and Lucy's dad are UT alums, they got to participate in the homecoming parade on Friday in the "Little Vol Walk". They loved waving at all the students in front of the torchbearer. The next day we took the girls to the game, which was Bonnie's first UT game. What a great weekend!

 Bonnie and Lucy with Junior Smokey before the parade

 Bonnie and Lucy on their "Float" in the Homecoming Parade

 Bonnie at her first Vol Walk on Saturday

 Lucy had a Birds' Eye View of the Vol Walk, too!

 The girls with Bubby at the game

The girls tailgating

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fall 2012

 Bonnie loved being able to ride her trike around the neighborhood once we were settled.
 New school year, new ballet class. She is now in the Little Mermaid Class (note the green leotard), and by the looks of the picture she takes it quite seriously.
 Caught her first fish back in September!

 Favorite thing to do: play dress-up!

 First sleep-over: best friends snuggled up together-precious!

 Bonnie and Lucy with me before the Tennessee/Florida game

 Pretty girl helping to pick out the perfect mum!

Sweet cousins painting pumpkins at the Farmer's Market